50 Cent’s Dramatic Weight Loss


50 Cent has undergone a dramatic (serious understatement) weight loss for a new movie as a football star who is diagnosed with cancer. The movie is called “Things Fall Apart” (Source : IMDB) directed by, and starring Mario Van Peebles also starring Ray Liotta opposite of 50 Cent.

In order to fulfill his role as Deon, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (Official Website) goes from a muscular 214lbs down to a malnourished looking 160lbs. Which is sure to add some ammo to some of 50s enemies.

Below you can see a picture of 50 before the drastic weight loss.
50 Cent Weight Loss

Now you can see the new 50 Cent look. Which really doesn’t even appear to be the same man.
50 Cent Weight Loss Skinny

As you can see, the weight loss alone has dramatically altered 50 Cent’s appearance. He now look’s almost like Dave Chapelle’s crack head charector ‘Tyrone Biggums’.

Chappelle’s Show
Tyrone Biggums Crack Intervention
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50 attributes the weight loss to his 9 Week ‘liquid diet’. He has been quoted by Us Weekly as craving Chili’s Baby Back Ribs during his ‘diet’.

50 Cents Shocking Weight Loss

Images courtesy of US Weekly and ThisIs50.com

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