L.L. FOOL J : Refuses to Allow ‘American Heroes’ Show to Use Old Interview


I guess this is what happens (Source : AP) when you mix politics with stupidity. The show was meant to give respect to people such as L.L. Cool J, as well as other ‘American Heroes’ such as a fallen Marine. How ever, LL decided to be a ass about every thing and not only refuses to appear. (Which the story says was not actually part of the contract) but just to allow Fox News to use the old interview they had stored away, in order to give LL some respect as a true ‘American Hero’. LL quickly showed he isn’t much of a hero, or much of a Fox News/Sarah Palin/Republicans fan by acting like a true partisan politician. Even going out of his way to claim its not ‘against fox news or Palin’… Well, he isn’t… Look up ‘LL Cool J Obama’ in google, you’ll see he was a die hard supporter, going out of his way on numerous occasions to support Obama. Now that we see Obama shunning Fox news.. and many of the blind supporters doing the same. Its becoming more and more clear, some people allow their blind hope and blind support go beyond the realm of common sense, the same type of common sense LL told Obama to use… (Source : MTV)

Now obviously this will just end up being another liberals/Obama Supporters VS Fox News/Sarah Palin story for a bit, until the left wing media can find a way to accuse Palin of being racist for inviting LL on the show. But truth be told.. LL really made himself look a fool this time around. I hope he learns acting like politicians, gets you low rating just like politicians…

So good luck with that LL.. You can watch your support dwindle right along side the president you seem to follow step by step…

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